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Leroy Menace represents the current youth and stands for the global way of life we now cultivate every day. Less and less borders, or so it seems at least, more and more diverse cultural encounters, and a humanistic vision usually struggling on the way to success.As his own chief of orchestra, Leroy knew already how to get the most out of himself or where to get the missing piece. He introduced himself simultaneously as a multi talent and a visionary, by producing his own compositions, by curating collaborations the best way he possibly can as through his unique vocal and writing skills. Point was and still is: the soul never dies, it has to be freed, or it’ll be imprisoned forever. In order to break free Leroy invited whoever would feel like joining, into his own Strangelands (2017). His debut EP was the occasion for him to make a statement and announce his signing on a Franco-German Paris based label, Le Sofa. His single Headshakin' made hundreds of thousands of plays on the streaming platforms and his latest EP Moon Islands is expected to be a more personal statement and gift to his early listeners.

Now looking back at a year only of active development and one thing is certain; the soul never dies and one lives to fill one’s soul so if music is his language, music is what we can expect from him. And if success lies in his fan’s hands, existing as upcoming, then it is all up to you.

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