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The new musical star, MoonBee, writes songs about the vast, contrasting and beautiful universe. Both the universe she is physically in but also the universe that is within the small intergalactic traveler. Thoughts about being indescribably small and insignificant in an infinite universe, of feeling invincible when overcoming one’s fears, of feeling alienated from oneself, or of the universal greatness of love. All wrapped in beautiful galactic metaphors and original playful arrangements.

About the lyrics, MoonBee herself states that “the thought of how infinitely small, and perhaps even insignificant, we are in relation to the infinite universe leaves me with both awe and a deep fascination. As I embarked on the project, I was very overwhelmed to discover how this source of inspiration continues to leave me with a lot of unanswered questions that tickles my imagination and my way of perception. The universe not only gives me concrete images to work with but to a great extent also a spectrum of enormous contrasts that send my imagination on a journey into a nebula of emotions ”.



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