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ACE MADE IT, an up-and-coming Scandinavian artist, has announced his upcoming EP that is set to take digital streaming platforms. ACE MADE IT has been working on his forthcoming EP since last summer and is now ready to let people into his new universe. 


"Sully Yourself" is modern international and "future-proof" R&B / hip-hop loaded with melodic, catchy vocals and embraces relevant themes of heartbreak, loneliness, anxiety, love, and finding oneself in a world of social media. The raw and personal universe of his songwriting bears the stamp of everything that goes through the head of a young man in his mid-twenties.


ACE has already released a cinematic short film version of "Sully Made It," which runs over eight minutes. Now available on YouTube, the track is written, produced, and performed by ACE himself and directed by Ace Que, Emil Damborg, and Victor Nyland. It is edited and graded by Ace Que as well. 


Boxparty Godsbanen 2022

Kulturhovedstad afslutning 2022

NorthSide Afterparty 2022
Train, 2017

Kupe, 2017
Boxparty Godsbanen, 2017
Aarhus Festuge x Immervad v. Magasin, 2017

Aarhus Volume Godsbanen, 2017
BART, 2018
Fatter Eskil, 2018
Gøglerskolen Aarhus, 2018
Magisk Midsummer Djursland, 2018

Aarhus Volume Godsbanen, 2018

Nørgaards Højskole, 2018

kanderborg Festival, 2018

FRESH Aarhus festuge, 2018

Blikflak Aarhus festuge, 2018 

Skanderborg festival, 2018

Voxhall, 2018

Chateau Motel, 2018

BART, 2018
A-BAR, 2018

Shen Mao, 2018
Egmont Højskole, 2018
Nørgaards Højskole, 2018
Martin IB Bog Release, 2018
Aarhus Erhvervsakademi introfest, 2018

Banknordic event Aarhus Ø, 2018

Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, 2018

VÆRK Radar, 2019

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